Victims of Dr. Robert Anderson
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Mike Cox, former Michigan Attorney General and sexual assault prosecutor, has teamed up with David Shea, plaintiffs counsel in the City of Flint Water Crisis Class Action, to fight for and get justice for the victims of University of Michigan’s Dr. Robert Anderson.

The University of Michigan knowingly allowed Dr. Anderson to abuse students and student athletes from 1968 to 2003. If you are a victim and want to speak to someone about your options, call the number below.

We were the first to file what became more than a hundred federal lawsuits that brought public attention to the plight of the victims of University of Michigan’s Robert Anderson. We represent more than 140 victims who are seeking justice, with more joining the fight every day. We represent former wrestlers, hockey, football, track, and other UM athletes.

Mike is a two-time graduate of the U of M and has been a season ticket holder for football and wrestling.  But right is right and enough is enough.

Last year, we were also part of the successful prosecutions of Larry Nassar and MSU.  We will fight for the same results for you, call today.

We will fight for the same results for you, call today.

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Please call us, e-mail us or use the form below to receive a phone call from us. You only need your name and a phone number or e-mail to join the fight.

    “UM has been engaging in a cover-up for 40 years and for the past 18 months under President (Mark) Schlissel,” said Mike Cox, a Livonia-based attorney who represents the John Doe who filed the lawsuit. “It’s a massive cover-up. I’m a UM grad, and we are supposed to be the leaders and the best. In this case, we were worse than the people we like to look down our nose at.”