Shareholder Disputes

The Mike Cox Law Firm routinely represents individuals who have their life’s work tied to an ownership interest or shares in a company they helped build.

These corporate shareholders or limited liability company members often find themselves frozen out of the fruits of their labor or investment. The Mike Cox Law Firm is comprised of a skilled team of lawyers ready to use all tools available under the Michigan Business Corporation Act, Michigan Limited Liability Act, and the common law to defend our clients and protect their assets. Whether the issues are shareholder oppression, breach of fiduciary duty, business defamation, or tortious interference with a business expectancy, The Mike Cox Law Firm can help you negotiate or litigate to successfully protect your interests.

Real Life Results
  • The Mike Cox Law Firm represented a client in an arbitration to protect our client’s multimillion-dollar investment and business reputation from the bad acts of the manager-member which were wasting assets and threatened our client’s other businesses. Through carefully-crafted discovery and vigorous deposition cross-examination of the other party’s CEO, the Firm laid the groundwork for our client’s goal of dissolution of the LLC.
  • In another action, The Mike Cox Law Firm secured a circuit court action that forced the client’s former co-member to honor a non-compete and pay a cash settlement to our client.
  • Working closely with another client, lawyers at The Mike Cox Law Firm provided extensive counseling to a client on bylaw and corporate governance tactics to protect his multimillion-dollar investment in the face of threatening actions by shareholders with majority board control.