Election, Gaming & Municipal

Election Law

The Mike Cox Law Firm has extensive experience representing a variety of clients related to state and federal election law issues. As the former Attorney General, Mike Cox and the attorneys at The Mike Cox Law Firm have a depth of experience working with the Michigan Secretary of State, State Board of Canvassers, local clerks and on issues pertaining to federal election law.

Real Life Results

Aside from serving as a candidate for statewide office three times, Mike Cox, as a former Attorney General, represented all branches of government, including the Secretary of State and State Board of Canvassers. The Mike Cox Law Firm also successfully represented the 501(c)(4) organization, Protecting Michigan Taxpayers, which was formed to oppose an amendment to the Michigan Constitution. The Mike Cox Law Firm has also advised a number of other political campaigns and ballot committees on federal, state, and municipal election laws.

Gaming Law

The Mike Cox Law Firm provides counseling and representation to national gaming clients, including issues involving Indian Gaming. While serving as the Attorney General, Mike Cox was in involved in numerous issues surrounding gaming that continue through today, including internet gaming, charitable gaming, Indian gaming, supplier licensing, gaming applications and licensing, and election law related to gaming.

Real Life Results

The Mike Cox Law Firm has successfully assisted clients with licensing, legislative-drafting, counseling, and opinion letters on gaming issues in the states of Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, and Nevada.

Municipal Law

The Mike Cox Law Firm provides both municipal and private clients with representation and counseling in matters that touch upon local counties and municipalities. As Attorney General, Mike Cox supervised the drafting of a number of Attorney General Opinions that provided guidance to municipalities on issues as diverse as office incompatibility, downtown development authorities and TIFs, preemption of local ordinances, pension liability, and road funding.

Real Life Results

The Mike Cox Law Firm now represents Wayne County, Michigan in select litigation, as well as advising Lapeer County on select issues The Firm has also represented local cities and townships with numerous issues, including negotiation of an authority dissolution, labor issues, state environmental problems, and litigation in front of state trial and appellate courts, as well as federal district court litigation.  At the same time, the Firm has similarly provided private clients with counseling ranging from tax foreclosure sales to bid protests to the negotiation of oil and gas leases under public lands. Our lawyers interact regularly with local officials and are well versed in the current and topical municipal law issues.