Non-Profit, Foundation, and Probate Law

During Mike Cox’s two terms as Attorney General of Michigan, he was intimately involved in issues involving non-profit foundations.

The Michigan Attorney General, by statute, is a co-regulator with the IRS of non-profits registered and operating in the state of Michigan. In 2005, Cox led an inquiry and review of the Ford Foundation grant process that eventually led that non-profit to make increasing large commitments to Southeast Michigan that culminated in the Grand Bargain of 2014. Cox also worked closely with the Council of Michigan Foundations on needed legislative reforms and later presided over the first-ever conversion of a Michigan non-profit hospital to a for-profit hospital.

Real Life Results
  • Two years ago, on behalf of our client, we successfully sued to assist an heir in gaining account access, and more control, regarding a trust that was set up for his benefit.  This lawsuit involved not only suing the trustee of the trust, but also the Crains 200 corporation founded by our client’s parents.
  • Recently, we provided a director of a national, billion-dollar foundation with the strategic and legal tools to reform governing policies at the foundation – without bringing a disruptive lawsuit.
  • In another case, the Mike Cox Law Firm assisted a local businesswoman, a board director at her alma mater, a nationally-known private college, draft proposed new bylaws which helped heal a fractious board.
  • We have also counseled and represented many Michigan and national businesses in responding to state attorney general and Federal Trade Commission investigations.  Our special expertise in these areas has consistently led to favorable outcomes.