Employment Litigation: Non-Competes, Trade Secrets, and Other Employment Actions

Whether you are an employee or an employer, The Mike Cox Law Firm is well versed in effectively representing clients in all matters relating to trade secrets and non-competes, employment discrimination, and wrongful termination matters.

Trade Secrets and Non-Competes

A company’s success can hinge on the crucial trade secrets and required non-compete agreements. Whether you’re an individual or company accused of violating a non-compete or using propriety information – or a company who has had an employee violate an agreement, The Mike Cox Law Firm has extensive experience advising both employers and employees.

Real Life Results
  • The Mike Cox Law Firm represented an employer against a former employee who was accused of being in breach of their non-compete provision. The former employee took a book of business worth approximately $30 million to our client’s much larger and key national competitor.
  • The Mike Cox Law firm moved for emergency injunctive relief and obtained an order preventing our client’s competitor and former employee from using of any of the stolen information. Ultimately, after extensive discovery, The Mike Cox Law Firm obtained significant guarantees and a cash settlement that protected our client’s customer list and market share – and fended off future attempts against our client.
  • On behalf of a chain of veterinarian clinics, we obtained a state court settlement which protected our client’s customer list and preserved the clinics’ quality of service.
  • Our firm prosecuted a trade-secrets case in Oakland County for one of Michigan’s fastest growing healthcare firms.  Our work protected our clients’ customer lists, referral lists, and proprietary practices, leading to damages and an advantageous settlement that protected millions in company value.

Employment Discrimination and Unlawful Termination

The Mike Cox Law Firm provides counseling and representation for employers who seek to avoid claims of age, gender, race, disability or other discrimination. Similarly, The Mike Cox Law Firm has represented plaintiffs who sought redress for adverse employment actions such as wrongful termination.

Real Life Results

Recently, The Mike Cox Law Firm settled a six-figure case of age discrimination for one of its clients against a Detroit-area institution.  Because of confidentiality provisions, we cannot divulge more.