White Collar Criminal Defense

The Mike Cox Law Firm, led by former Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, and its team of talented lawyers is prepared to provide its clients with both proactive corporate compliance and internal investigations tools, while also providing top-flight white collar criminal representation if a client, corporate or individual, faces a governmental investigation.

Oftentimes, businesses must face concurrent civil regulatory and criminal prosecutorial inquiries that threaten revenues and personal liberty. A savvy business owner must increasingly consult with a white-collar criminal defense attorney to avoid the pitfalls of inadvertent liability.

Our lawyers have been involved in hundreds of investigations and more than 100 successful criminal jury trials. Drawing on Cox’s experience as both the former Michigan Attorney General and as a trial prosecutor in the courtroom, The Mike Cox Law Firm’s white-collar defense practice is focused on the zealous, tactically smart and strategic defense of our clients.

Real Life Results
  • In a recent case, the Firm’s personal defense of a former CEO at one of the national’s largest energy companies led to a no-charge decision that allowed our client to avoid personal indictment while his former company was charged and convicted of numerous criminal antitrust state offenses.
  • The Mike Cox Law Firm represented a former state representative before a one-judge grand jury, successfully returning no indictment for our client.
  • In another case, the Firm successfully defended our client from being indicted in relation to the sales of hundreds of homes.