With a team of experienced litigators, led by the former Michigan Attorney General, Mike Cox, The Mike Cox Law Firm is prepared to address, resolve and defend any client facing any potential antitrust or regulatory challenge.

The Mike Cox Law Firm brings the same approach to every antitrust case – thorough preparation, immersion in the industry, skilled advocacy, and use of trusted relationships – that deliver results for our clients.

Real Life Results

When a Michigan manufacturer was facing nearly $100 million in damages, The Mike Cox Law Firm immersed itself in the details of the case. Upon being retained as trial counsel, The Mike Cox Law Firm developed and coordinated trial and procedural strategies with co-counsel. After tens of depositions and hundreds of court filings, The Mike Cox Law Firm buried the last remains of a wrongful lawsuit against the client.  The order in the California state court was the last echo of an MDL (multi-district litigation), In Re Sulfuric Acid Litigation, that, after appeals to the federal 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, ended in the federal district court for the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago. Plaintiffs alleged our client and co-defendants such as DuPont and Koch Industries conspired to restrict the output and supply of sulfuric acid. We successfully moved to dismiss the case just short of trial and spared our client the burden and expense of a trial, and potentially, tens of millions in wrongful trial claims.

During this same period, we also represented a nationally-known CEO who was being investigated for antitrust violations including oil and mineral lease bid rigging. Through immersion into the industry and its practices, we were able to explain to the investigators how relevant industry practices undermined the antitrust allegations. Once again, The Mike Cox Law Firm was able to help the client avoid prosecution.

The Mike Cox Law Firm is also very experienced in defending individuals and companies that are being investigated by regulatory bodies. We assisted two large medical practices that were investigated for violations of the Sherman Act and the Michigan Antitrust Reform Act. We guided our clients through responding to civil investigative demands, crafted strategies to address the demands and explain our clients’ practices and statements to the regulators. After laying the groundwork, our clients were cleared of any wrongdoing.